Pastors and Staff


Wesley & Jennifer Henry

Lead Pastors


Pastors Wes and Jen have been married for 21 years and have the privilege of raising three amazing kids: Carissa, Kailey, and Cole. Renton residents since 2008, they love living in a town that is moving and growing. In 2016, Wes and Jen became the Pastors of City View Church. Since then, they have effectively led City View in significant changes; updating the facilities, re-visioning the church for action, and challenging hearts and minds to Connect and Grow - all while respecting and honoring the church's 100+ year legacy. Their desire to create an environment of love, faith, and celebration has made City View Church THE place to be in Renton. With hearts of excitement, Pastors Wes and Jen know that this is only the beginning and can't wait to see all that God is going to do with City View Church.

Wes can often be found at one of many great restaurants or coffee houses all around Renton. Wes has a passion to lead and teach the Bible simply and has a heart to lead a church that connects with the culture around it. A few of Wes’s favorite things are: his wife (of course), his kiddos (duh), music, food, sports of all kinds (Go Hawks!) and great coffee.
Jen is passionate about serving the church and her community through authentic relationships, and plenty of good-natured laughter. Jen serves the church by managing the little details that often go overlooked, and making sure that nothing gets lost in the shuffle. She is married to Wes and a happily exhausted mom of their three kiddos. A few of Jen’s favorite things are: her husband (he makes me laugh), her kiddos (they make me laugh too), relationships, music, food, and good television.


Jesse & Genesis Parker

Family Life and Worship Pastors

Pastor Jesse is a NW guy through-and-through - wears shorts all year, mourns the Sonics, loves the outdoors (except he doesn’t drink coffee). He is passionate about building a vibrant and diverse community in the Church. In true NW form, Jesse is a bit of a rebel, willing to challenge the status quo, bring new ideas and pastor people to biblical standards for faith, discipleship, and Christ-likeness. Jesse is quick to tell you he is an introvert, but he is also a bit of a goofball who can certainly be the life of the party. Jesse and Genesis have been married for 10 years, share an office, spend almost every waking and sleeping moment together, and still can’t get enough of each other! Jesse’s idea of R&R is a peaceful time out in nature, catching a movie (or two), or just relaxing at home. He loves time with his family and passionately defending his position that LeBron is the G.o.A.T.


Pastor Genesis was born in the church. Coming from a long lineage of Pastors, ministers, and worshippers, Genesis remembers being in church almost daily. Because of this, she has served in almost every ministry/department, though her primary call is evident through her gift of leading worship and service through youth/young adults ministry, which she has been apart of for 10+ years in various capacities. When she’s not at church, you can usually find her somewhere reading a book, taking a nap or watching HGTV/Food Network next to Pastor Jesse. A few of Genesis’ favorite things are Jesse, family, music, Reese's peanut butter cups, anything purple, sparkly, glittery or cutesy and playing games (Uno, anyone?) And no matter what anyone says, she still thinks we should’ve given the ball to Marshawn.


Nathan & Laura Steele

Sound and Media Directors


Nathan is our MixMaster and overall behind-the-scenes guy. He is passionate about serving, anywhere and everywhere. Nathan is the solid lets-go-for-it guy every team needs.
Moving to Renton from Virginia, he brings his love of Jesus and desires to connect people to Him wherever he goes. A few of Nathan’s favorite things are: Laura (the other Master), hockey, video games, and camping.
Laura is our WebMaster and design guru. Her passion to create with the ability that God has given her is shown in everything she produces. She is the super out-going shy person that everyone needs in their life. Laura makes doing church together fun and full of life. A few of Laura’s favorite things are: Nathan, Design (duh), hiking/ camping and hockey (Go T-Birds!)