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Connect to a Group

Find a Group, eat a meal, make new friends and grow in Christ.

One of the most important ways to engage at City View Church is to Connect with a GROUP. (The other way is to Serve on a team.)

We have two kinds of Groups: Small Groups and Bible Study Groups

The vision for Small Groups: Small Groups are groups of 12-15 people who meet in homes frequently around food, the Word of God, and to pray and do life together. The goal of joining a group is to grow in your walk with Jesus, with people that can support you in taking your next steps. We believe life is better when you live connected. We ask that three things happen each time Groups meet:

  • Prayer — We ask each Group to begin and end their meeting in prayer.
  • Study the Word of God — We ask each Group to spend at least 30 minutes studying the Word and/or covering the Message from Sunday. This will help in retention of what was shared, understanding of the application of the message and helping each other grow in the knowledge of God’s Word.
  • Build Relationships — In our structure, Groups are the front lines of relationship building and pastoral care. We expect our groups to have fun together and care for one another well! We fully believe that you can’t do life alone.

The vision for Bible Study Groups: Bible Study Groups are focused on a specific topic in the Word, a book of the Bible or an in-depth study of Theology and Doctrine found in the Word of God. These Groups are not limited in size and may even require homework. Though relationships will naturally form in this group, the main purpose is to grow in the knowledge of the Word of God.

Each Group is led by a:

  • Host, who coordinates time, place, and food. (Not always the Leader of the group)
  • Group Leader, who facilitates discussion of the current study, leads prayer time and is tasked with spiritual oversight and pastoral care for the group.
  • Note: Group Leaders are vetted and required to attend a once monthly Leadership Training.

Interested? Find someone at The Connection Center with an “ASK ME” badge or click on a link below.