The teenage years can be tough for the modern teen. Social media distractions, growing responsibilities, and learning who they are as they mature, can be a lot of weight to bear, and in ways that are different from earlier generations. Thankfully, through all of this new strife, we have a God that remains constant, and promises to guide us and love us.

The leaders of the City View Youth Group are focused on showing your teens the love they deserve, and helping them grow closer to Christ in an environment where they are welcome to be themselves. We want to guide the youth to grow in a way that leads them to God, and teaches them to do the same for their friends and family that may not know Jesus. Every youth has the capacity to grow into a strong Spiritual Warrior, and it’s our job to give them all the preparation and training they need to meet their true potential!

Wednesday Night Studies

Join us every Wednesday night as we delve deeper into the word of God with our new Wednesday Night Youth meetings! Doors open at 6:30. If you know someone in grades 6-12, have them join us for games, snacks, music, and encouragement. 


We love to have as much fun as your teens do, so we’ve got tons of event ideas that we can’t wait to share! The Pacific NorthWest affords us so many opportunities to explore God’s creation, and there’s hundreds of ways to have a good time in the Seattle area. Check back here regularly for updates on new Events we’ve got planned!

The VIP and Game Room

Our newly improved VIP rooms include video games, ping-pong, air hockey, and a lot more! Look for us on the second floor, at the end of the hall.