2020 Theme

Every year, our team takes time to fast and pray about the direction that we feel the Lord is leading City View Church. This year was no different. We spent time in prayer and reflection seeking where the Lord would take us as a Church body and family.

2020 is the year we understand that our faith is “MORE THAN SUNDAY”!

This year, we will focus on More Than Sunday, learning and engaging our Faith every day of the week, not just on Sunday. Just as the “BIG C” Church is more than a building we meet in, our faith in Jesus is lived, operated, understood, and put to use every day of the week.┬áThis is the Year of MORE for YOU! We have been praying about it, preparing for it, and preaching it. Join us this year with the heart of owning your faith in a big way for you, your family, your finances, your spiritual walk, and the body of City View Church!