2019 Theme

Every year, our team takes time to fast and pray about the direction that we feel the Lord is leading City View Church. This year was no different. We spent some time in prayer and reflection seeking where the Lord would take us as a Church body and family.

2019 is the Year of Growth!!!

Personal and Spiritual Growth for each of us and Numerical Growth for the Chruch.
This year, we will focus on Here We Grow, preparing our hearts for growth and understanding the intentionality that goes into growing spiritually. It doesn’t happen on accident, we need to intentionally feed our spirits and serve our God in order to grow. We will also focus on How We Grow. What are some practical ways to grow spiritually? You will also see What We Grow. What is it that gets produced when we grow intentionally? What evidences will we see when we are growing and how do we tell if we are stagnant in our spirituality?
This is the Year of Growth for YOU! We have been praying about it, preparing for it, and preaching it. Join us this year with a heart of intentional growth for you, your family, your finances, your spiritual walk, and the body of City View Church!